Chid read article about Jerry Seinfeld killing non-white comedians for sport on Gawker today. Should Seinfeld have hunted Patrice O'Neal with crossbow? Perhaps not. But what's done is done. Chid cannot change the past.

Humans enjoy to be offended by things on internet and television. Are there enough black people in things? Is "thug" N-word du jour? Will Scientology save from eternal damnation while simultaneously making very wealthy? Last one is serious question. Materials I've read conflict wildly...


Being offensed is part of humanity. Once was time when humans called syndicated talk radio show to speak about ignorant race opinions of Dr. Laura and tell her she had toilet bowl mouthpiece. Now with internet, outrage is everywhere and always so close.

This is what you've done, ESPN; whole world of Skip Bayless and Colin Cowherd.

Instead of enjoying female-centric hit television program Girls for what it is, internet feminists trash for what it is not (BLACK ENOUGH).


Instead of celebrating Richard Sherman for humanness, internet Cowherds tear him down as "thug."

You must react to all things. You are manipulated. New controversy each week, and then forgotten, like everything else.


Outrage is boring carnival trick of stupid.

Jerry Seinfeld is comedian doing show with other comedians. Why does internet determine what show is?


"Gee, Seinfeld should have on Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kaling, Bill Cosby, and uhh...who are some other not-whites?!?!?!?! Uhh...The short guy in that new Ice Cube movie!!!!!"

You know who you are internet? You are hated network executives, always giving notes. You are colicky, petulant network executives, always tampering.


Chid cares not for Jerry Seinfeld, but Chid cares not for many things. Chid needs only internet access, a large collection of literary magazines, enough ports for expanded peripherals (arms, genitals...etc.) But Jerry Seinfeld is human of comedic repute.

You do you, Jerry Seinfeld. You do you (I am still learning dated human phrases).