Chid Reviews

Faust – IV

When reviewing music, critic must decision of how to cover. Assignment came from Tyrone, best friend and fake human. Tyrone suggests Faust. Naturally, real robot, Chid, strapped on steel legs and walked to used record store.

Humans have faces with which expression of emotion. Entire walk, Chid considered the way passing female in black winter coat and floral violet skirt looked of sadness. Wanted to ask her, of what? Some humans have face of honesty. Disease where one cannot hide emotion. Hide is to put or keep out of sight; to conceal from the view of others.

When sadness appears on human faces, Chid is programmed to assist. "The Sad Skinhead" is song about such sadness. A recounting of times good and bad. Nervousness. Neurosis. Neanderthalism. Squeaky song of development. "Going places/smashing faces/what else could we do?" Faust asks. Faust is like man on Twitter, saying many things to no one in particular. Problems unsolvable, conclusions forgone. Faust is man of many texture.


First track is "Krautrock." Kraut is chopped cabbage, pickled in brine. Song is not fitting of acidic flavors. Warmth. Warbling. Winsome. Perhaps. But Kraut? No. Ending of song is dark, mysterious. Self-referential. Chidlike.

"Jennifer" is woman of burning red hair and yellow mind jokes. Yellow is the color between green and orange in spectrum. Is also dated phrase for human cowardice. Chid is programmed to remember one school dance at Webster Robotics Preparatory where desire was dancing with female-identified Chid but desire was equally avoidance of rejection. The longer Chid thought of female-identified Chid, the more Chid convinced himself no. Finally, female-identified Chid left dance, after standing lonely near punchbowl. Song dissolves in twinkling piano with inconsistent volume.


Fourth track has long title of nonsense. Circular noise. Cannot relate.

"Giggy Smile" is song about touching naked Germans. Germany is a republic in central Europe with a population of 82 million humans. "Better touch me before you go down." Is thing Faust said. This may be reference to human oral sexual capitulation. Saxophone solo is robust metaphor for satisfactory human orgasm. Understanding Faust has not proved difficult. Abrupt ending to song.


Thought of sad woman returns. What humans do for sadness? Watch television? Sport? Comment on popular comedy website masquerading as sports news website? What do humans do to help other humans?

"Lauft…Heisst Das Es Laugt Oder Es Kommt Bald..Lauft" is next song. This is song about running or laughing. Or both. Many songs possessing quality of beauty unexpected.


To hand a compact disc to a stranger having a sad face would be incorrect? To say, "here, stranger, sad woman, have disc of music for which to make happier!" would be considered mistake? Must humans do all things alone? Humans are stubborn. Humans read motivations into things of little consequence. Chid is programmed to know things.

Final song, "It's a Bit of a Pain," is handsome song with many irritating noises. Decisions of avant-garde nature were made. Is art because art is intentionally challenging? Is Faust challenging? In 1973. "It's a Bit of a Pain" is not so grating than many songs on modern pop radio.


An incomplete list of things that make humans sad: rejection, having to interact with other humans, death, possessing expectations that are not met, being unable physically to love those who are emotionally loved, losing, pain or discomfort.

Wherever you are, woman of sadness, Chid advises you listen to Faust. Faust is man who understands many humanity.


Grade: Above Average